Here's my story: 

In 2009 I started out making YouTube videos in my bedroom reviewing Apple related products from headphones, to cases, speakers, and more.  My audience then quickly grew to over 50,000 subscribers and products were being sent to me to review.  I started to realize then just how much I wanted to be involved with social media and interact and work with others.

That passion of video making slowly morphed into a love and passion for the automotive culture.  After making some of the best friends in this field I realized this is where I wanted to cement myself.

So I got at it. I traveled to every car show around getting more and more practice behind the lens.  Started setting up shoots and noticed I wasn't just in love with cars but the art of videography and photography itself.

So here I am today professionally capturing moments in time through video within the automotive space.  My passion can vividly be seen through my work and I desire to deliver nothing but my very best.

Thanks for the ongoing support

Chris Petruccio - Founder / CEO Krispy Enterprises LLC